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Advertising with Cherry-Mango

At Cherry-Mango we combine efficient technology & superior support to provide a combination of quality and volume to help you reach your target.

In the 1950s advertising guru Bill Berubach famously said “i know half my advertising works the problem is i don’t know which one. That statement defines the very nature of traditional advertising, however online advertising has proven that statement otherwise

The Cherry-Mango platform allows you run any or a multiply of PPC, PPM, PPA and PPS models for your target campaign

What we offer

  • Your adverts will be served on targeted publisher sites and not served randomly
  • ROI-based advertising:  PPC, PPM, PPA and PPS
  • Advert performance is measurable with access to efficient and detailed reporting
  • Experienced and available account managers
  • Case Studies from similar organisations to learn from
  • Multiple click-fraud and impression-fraud detection mechanisms
  • Automatic creative adaptation and optimization
  • Multiple banner sizes
  • Allow all small budget campaigns

Get setup in four easy steps

  • Click the link below to register your details.
  • We contact you to define your campaign objectives.
  • Complete online verification.
  • Start your campaign.

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