Pay Per Action

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Cherry-Mango Pay Per Action

Cherry-Mango Pay Per Action: model allows advertiser pay the publisher only when a certain action has been carried by the site visitor via the click of the advert impression on the publisher site. This may be in the form of completing a form, taking a survey, downloading a file etc.


  • The advertiser pays according to results only.
  • Publishers usually earns higher commissions on this type of campaigns
  • Campaigns are usually longer period and more engaging for website visitors.
  • There is virtually no risk to the advertiser.
  • High correlation between sales and campaign and banner quality.
  • Advertiser’s landing page should be high optimised to get the best result
  • Publisher will usually give priority to this model only when the campaign content is value adding to the site content. For example an insurance company campaign for car insurance on a car forum website.
  • This model has very successful in the financial industry (insurance & banking products) government agencies can use this model to generate public opinion on a particular issue

For more on the possibilities available for this type of campaign please view the case study page to see what different companies in various industries have achieved with this model

Pay Per Action