Your Website Should Pay You


Cherry-Mango Publishers

Cherry-Mango provides a platform to get relevant adverts on your website that will not only generate more income for you but also will also serve as relevant content for your website fans & visitors

On Offer:

  • A sustainable revenue stream for your website. Our ads help maximise the revenue potential on website.
  • CM network technology is both effective as well straight forward and easy to use platform.
  • Have biggest in demand brands served on your website; with unique impressions that deliver record-high CTRs and CPC.
  • Have ads constantly served on you website
  • Publishers do not need to adjust website design or structure to accommodate the ads we serve. We have multiple banner sizes available to advertisers include in text adverts
  • Keep track of your earnings and other performance metrics within the platform.
  • All our publishers are regarded as our partners and we would do everything to make you satisfied and happy. We continually work to improve the service quality we provide to you and will always answer your questions as soon as possible.
  • Set up takes 3 minute. Plugins have been created to accommodate multiple platforms including Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal making set up very straight forward.

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