Pay Per Click

One Budget Multiple Sites


Cherry-Mango Pay Per Click

Cherry-Mango Pay Per Click: means Advertiser will only pay the publisher when a site visitor on the Publisher site clicks on the ad impression. Publishers will get a fixed amount per click and Advertisers can set a daily budget, this type of campaign is particularly good for driving traffic to you site of a specified location (eg facebook, twitter, linked in page)


  • This model is measurable for both advertisers and publisher. Advertisers know exactly how many times the banner is clicked, what time of the day most of the clicks happened, what ad creative attracts the most clicks etc
  • The model is great for mass exposure (brands, Government agencies, etc)
  • Ad impressions (banner) will be displayed until target numbers of clicks are being generated
  • The model will not necessarily increase sales or help in lead generation
  • No indication for campaign quality (only banner quality)
  • This type of campaign gives more of volume rather than value

For more on the possibilities available for this type of campaign please view the case study page to see what different companies in various industries have achieved with this model

Pay Per Click