Pay Per Mile

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Cherry-Mango Pay Per Mile

Cherry-Mango Pay Per Mile: means pay out to publisher is set per a number of impressions on the site (usually a thousand). A fixed price is set by the advertiser per specified amount of impression and publishers are only paid when that specified amount is reached.


  • Model is great for mass exposure (brands, Government agencies, etc)
  • The advertiser knows exactly how many times the banner will be shown, and what would the estimated costs will be (daily/total campaign cost).
  • Publisher can estimate earnings before the campaign starts. Allowing publisher to prioritise
  • This model also works well when brands want to be identified with specific high performing publishers. Advertisers can buy media against a specific URL Site or ad spot
  • Low quality performance matrix, very weak correlation with sales or leads.
  • The quality of banner creative is difficult to measure.
  • Effective frequency capping is unknown.

For more on the possibilities available for this type of campaign please view the case study page to see what different companies in various industries have achieved with this model

Pay Per Mile